Black Truffle Fettuccine

I’m not a truffle fanatic, I don’t go crazy for truffles. I don’t put truffles on things just for the sake of it. Sometimes when you buy truffles, they may smell like truffles but the taste isn’t there.

Anyway, the truffle in this pasta was superb. I was given a tiny knob of an already shaved truffle and was asked to make something delicious out of it. This is what I made: Housemade Fettuccine with Maitake Mushrooms in a Truffle-Thyme Cream Sauce, Shaved Black Truffle to garnish.

Winter Truffle Spaghetti

I still had some winter truffles lying around in rice a few weeks ago. *Tip, storing fresh truffles in the fridge in an airtight container with rice is the best way to keep them.

This pasta was part of a multi-course starring winter truffles for the boss man. I did a winter truffle tasting for him.

This Winter Truffle Cream with Housemade Spaghetti comes with Chopped Gambas and Thyme.