Poached Egg with Asparagus & Speck

To the average person, this seems like a breakfast/brunch/lunch item, and it is. In many tasting menus, egg is a popular course to put on towards the start of the tasting.

So here is a Sous Vide Poached Egg, Asparagus, Smoked Speck, Crispy Shallots, Grain Mustard Dressing, and Micro Parsley.

Dill-Brined Halibut with Farro

This was the second course to my Friendsgiving 2017 dinner.

I saw this on Chef Steps and decided to give it a try, mainly because I love dill and I wanted to use my Joule.

Here is Halibut that was brined in a Dill-Solution and served with a Farro Salad, Sun-Dried Tomato, Pine Nuts, Lemon Yogurt, and fresh Micro Chervil.

5 Spice Duck Leg Confit & Egg

As a kid, I always loved eating salt cured duck eggs with my morning congee. However, I would only eat the yolk. The whites were always too salty. And I would look for the yolks in sticky rice and in mooncakes.

But I’ve never cooked with them, raw, or uncured. I had an interesting couple of days figuring out how to sous vide them properly and perfectly.

This is a Sous Vide Duck Egg with 5 Spice Duck Leg Confit, Spring Onion Purée, Julienned Cucumbers, Spring Roll Paper Crackers, and a 5 Spice Jus.

Deconstructed Bagel & Lox

I am really happy about how this dish turned out. It tastes totally awesome; I prefer this deconstructed version better than the original! But that’s just me, I might get slapped for saying that in NYC.

This is a piece of Arctic Char that has been brined, then rolled in spices, then sous vide, served cold, and with piped Cream Cheese, Pickled Red Pearl Onions, Pickled Golden Raisins, Bagel Crumbs with Black & White Sesame Seeds, Crispy Shallots, Smoked Oil, and Micro Celery.

This started on the tasting menu for a couple of weeks and was an instant hit so I moved it to the a la carte menu three weeks ago.

Arctic Char Carbonara

I love Arctic char over salmon, cooked that is. I almost never use salmon in any of my cooked dishes. Arctic char is related to both salmon and lake trout. I think it has better flavor than both of those fish.

This was Olive Oil Poached Arctic Char Carbonara with Housemade Fettuccine, Smoked Trout Roe, Crispy Skin, and Micro Dill.

I took the skin off the char and fried it. As for the flesh, in a water bath at 50°C, I sous vide it in extra virgin olive oil for 40 minutes.

Cuttlefish “Noodles” with Nori Pesto

This has to be one of my most innovative dishes using modernist cuisine methods. I sous vide the cuttlefish, rolled it up tightly, froze it, and then shaved it on a meat slicer.

I served the Cuttlefish “Noodles” with a Nori Pesto, Crispy Quinoa, and fresh Mezza Mâche. The overall taste was quite “Asian” with the texture of the noodles and the consistency of the nori pesto. But it was delicious, as an appetizer.

*Also, this is the dish that I chose for my homepage.

Sous Vide at Home

If you want to sous vide at home, I recommend buying Joule from Chef Steps. It’s $199, free shipping, no tax. Still quite pricey but it’s worth it. It’s what I have at home.

No one is paying me to write this.

For sous vide machines, I’ve only ever used Joule and the expensive industry machines (+$1200) that restaurants use so I can’t say anything about other home sous vide machines. Joule is definitely easier to use than the ones we have in restaurants and it has an app that you can control from your phone. I also love Joule because it’s sleek, light, and powerful, unlike those clunky, heavy, and difficult ones that I use in restaurants.

Recipe: Poached Hen Eggs

For perfect runny hen eggs:

  • Cook cold eggs in a preheated water bath at 63°C for one hour.
  • Reheat cooked cold eggs at 60°C for 15 minutes.

I say “hen” eggs because I also use duck and quail eggs. If I don’t specify what kind of poultry, default is hen eggs.

Sample dishes:

Poached Egg in Sunchoke Velouté

I love this dish – minus the preparation of sunchokes. I love sunchokes but they are the most frustrating ingredients to peel. Because of this, this poached egg was only on the tasting menu for a week.

This is a Poached Egg in a Sunchoke Velouté, Crispy Prosciutto, Sunchoke Chips, Pecans, Thai Basil Oil, and Fried Sage.

Sous Vide Egg & Mushroom Panzanella

A hearty dish on the tasting menu earlier this week. This was quite delicious (mainly because of my amazing red wine jus) and I think perfect for NYC’s current weather and season. It’s not entirely spring yet, winter still has its grip on the state of things.

This Sous Vide Egg has a Wild Mushroom Panzanella, Wintered Spinach, a Red Wine Jus, and Arugula Flowers.