Diver Scallop Live in Shell

Have you ever shucked a live scallop before? They’re so dirty, so sandy, and every scallop has a half-digested piece of baby catfish in its shell.

I’ve been having difficulty with Lobster Place sending us fresh scallops used for crudo. Because every time when I go into work, the ice bags are not touching the seafood. That’s messed up. So I decided to order fresh scallops!

These Live Diver Scallops were shucked to order, then torched, served with a Sea Urchin (Uni) Cream, Marinated Scallop Skirts, Garlic Breadcrumbs, Salmon Roe (Ikura), and Mezza Mâche.

This was on the tasting menu and also a special for the a la carte menu.

Cuttlefish “Noodles” with Nori Pesto

This has to be one of my most innovative dishes using modernist cuisine methods. I sous vide the cuttlefish, rolled it up tightly, froze it, and then shaved it on a meat slicer.

I served the Cuttlefish “Noodles” with a Nori Pesto, Crispy Quinoa, and fresh Mezza Mâche. The overall taste was quite “Asian” with the texture of the noodles and the consistency of the nori pesto. But it was delicious, as an appetizer.

*Also, this is the dish that I chose for my homepage.

Cuttlefish Ink Pasta

This was definitely a fun project for me and it turned out to be one of my favorite dishes that I have ever created. I love using cuttlefish ink, I love making pasta, and I love seafood, especially sea urchin.

Adding the cuttlefish ink gave the dough a different consistency but it was still workable. I decided against cutting the sheets of pasta because I wanted to showcase the drama of the long black sheets of pasta dough.

This Cuttlefish Ink Pasta is served with sweet Bay Scallops in an Uni Cream, Pumpernickel Soil, and Mâche.