Gambas with Fennel

I love this dish so much. It has many of my favorite things all in one plate. There are Gambas, which are Head-On Prawns, with a Fennel Purée, Fennel Chips, Charred Corn, Saltwort, and a Sauce Américaine Foam.

Ocean Trout Tartare

This was the first course to my Friendmas dinner of 2017.

I haven’t done any tartares with ocean trout before, always with tuna/salmon/yellowtail. Ocean Trout compares favorably to salmon and with a taste that is both milder and richer at the same time. So why ocean trout this time? Because I just wanted to.

Here is Ocean Trout Tartare with Meyer Lemon Zest, diced Jalapeño, and cut Chives, sitting on a bed of sliced Persian Cucumbers, topped with Rice Krispies and micro greens, served with homemade Japanese Sweet Potato Chips.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Barley Risotto with Little Neck Clams

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, supportive, and loving moms out there!

This dish that I created is another one of my favorites. It is a Barley Risotto with whole and chopped Little Neck Clams, Bacon, Leeks, Sunchoke Chips, Crispy Shallots, Nasturtium Oil, and Saltwort.

Poached Egg in Sunchoke Velouté

I love this dish – minus the preparation of sunchokes. I love sunchokes but they are the most frustrating ingredients to peel. Because of this, this poached egg was only on the tasting menu for a week.

This is a Poached Egg in a Sunchoke Velouté, Crispy Prosciutto, Sunchoke Chips, Pecans, Thai Basil Oil, and Fried Sage.

Frog Legs with Two Sauces

You don’t see much frog outside of Chinese and French restaurants. We had it briefly on our tasting menus. In my opinion, Frenching the legs so that they look like fancy mini drumsticks was too much for something so little. I still prefer them whole, intact, and cooked the rustic Chinese way. But anyhow, these Frenched Frog Legs are served with a Garlic Chive Purée, a Chinese Black Vinegar Reduction, Sunchoke Chips, and Tangerine Frills.