Red Endive & Roasted Red Beets

Don’t they look like little sailboats?

I created this vegetarian salad for our special Valentine’s Day tasting menu. Since then, this salad has been on our a la carte menu with a few adjustments.

This is a Red Endive Salad with Roasted Red Beets, Saffron Aïoli, Pumpernickel “Soil”, Sunflower Seeds, and Micro Bull’s Blood Beet Greens.

Persimmon & Endive Salad

I actually love this dish and I want to put it back on the tasting menu for a week or two. It’s a wonderful combination of the sweet persimmons versus the bitter endives and frisée. I was very proud of this concoction.

This is a Persimmon and Red Endive Salad with Serrano Ham, Aged Manchego Cheese, Aged Apple Vinegar, and Micro Frisée.

Something I noticed when this was on the tasting menu for three weeks:

  • Persimmons are more prevalent in Asian cuisines than western cuisines.
  • Not many non-Asians knew what persimmons were.
  • Asians didn’t know what persimmons were by its English name.


Roasted Duck & Potato Dauphinoise

I created this dish at the beginning of April, when it was still pretty much winter in NYC. The farmer’s market was still pretty lame with root vegetables galore. Don’t get me wrong, I love root vegetables but winters seem to last forever and there’s only so much you can do with veggies that grow in the ground.

Along with the Roasted Duck Breast, there is a piece of Braised Chicory and a slice of Potato Dauphinoise, with a velvety Red Wine Jus!