Crenshaw Melon Wrapped in Smoked Speck

Remember the melon salad I posted a couple of months ago? This is the downsized version, in amuse bouche format.

You can make anything into a one-bite piece of yummiliciousness.

So here we have Crenshaw Melon and Bayley Hazen Blue cheese wrapped in Smoked Speck, with Melon Vinaigrette, Black Olive Crumble, and Tangerine Frills.

Persimmon & Endive Salad

I actually love this dish and I want to put it back on the tasting menu for a week or two. It’s a wonderful combination of the sweet persimmons versus the bitter endives and frisée. I was very proud of this concoction.

This is a Persimmon and Red Endive Salad with Serrano Ham, Aged Manchego Cheese, Aged Apple Vinegar, and Micro Frisée.

Something I noticed when this was on the tasting menu for three weeks:

  • Persimmons are more prevalent in Asian cuisines than western cuisines.
  • Not many non-Asians knew what persimmons were.
  • Asians didn’t know what persimmons were by its English name.