Recipe: Watermelon “Sushi”

This past Labor Day weekend, I hosted my second rooftop party. It was very much delayed from the previous rooftop party because the first one was back in 2014!! I should have multiple rooftop parties throughout each summer! There was a total of 14 people, which honestly was more than I had planned for but I don’t regret it because it turned out to be such a blast!

I made four different canapés and I just love, love, love the watermelon “sushi” that I came up with when I used to work at Degustation. It was one of my favorite amuse bouche that I put on the tasting menu – here and here.

I had fish troubles for this one because the fluke that I had bought at the fish market turned bad two days later, which meant that I couldn’t use it, even after I cured it, it was still bad… So I had to rush to my favorite trustworthy Japanese supermarket the day of, which killed one hour of my prep time! I’ve always used some kind of flat fish like sole or fluke but Katagiri didn’t have sashimi grade flat fish so I bought some salmon and yellowtail.

It’s best to use cold, refrigerated watermelon. Cut the watermelon into bite-sized rectangles. To cure the fish, cover the fish in equal parts of salt and sugar and place in refrigerator for 45 minutes. The fish pieces that I had were no more than 5 mm thick.

I always like to have my reduced sherry vinegar on hand at home because I use it to season a lot of random things. I buy a 16-year aged Pedro Ximénez sweet sherry vinegar from Despaña and reduce it with herbs and spices until it becomes syrupy. Once you’re done assembling the watermelon and sliced cuts of fish, drizzle some sherry reduction and grate some fresh lime zest over the top. This is always a big crowd pleasure and is perfect for summer!

Lemon Verbena Cured Arctic Char Sandwich

This was one of the last morsels of food that I created before my tenure was up at Degustation. My watermelon “sushi” amuse bouche was on the tasting menu for awhile then and spring was turning into summer so it was the perfect time to change the amuse.

It took me a few tries to perfect this little bite! I experimented with the salinity of the cure, the time of the cure, and the thickness of the potato chip. I really hope I wrote down the recipe because I’d want to do this in the future, whenever I have my own place.

Anyway, here was the new amuse: Lemon Verbena cured Arctic Char, Salmon Roe, Potato Chips, Paddlefish Caviar, and Chive Batons.

Watermelon “Sushi”

My first post was Watermelon “Sushi” – an amuse bouche that I came up with in early spring of 2017. This photo was from mid-summer of 2017 – I have perfected it and its presentation.

Here are three pieces of Sweet Summer Watermelon, topped with Cured Dover Sole, Aged Apple Vinegar, and Lime Zest! One bite of satisfying goodness!

Click here for the recipe.

Crenshaw Melon Wrapped in Smoked Speck

Remember the melon salad I posted a couple of months ago? This is the downsized version, in amuse bouche format.

You can make anything into a one-bite piece of yummiliciousness.

So here we have Crenshaw Melon and Bayley Hazen Blue cheese wrapped in Smoked Speck, with Melon Vinaigrette, Black Olive Crumble, and Tangerine Frills.

Speck on Pumpernickel Toast

Meyenberg’s European Style Goat’s Milk Butter is one of the best products out there. You have to get your hands on this stuff! Luckily for me, I can order this via my job. I can eat this butter on some toasted bread, non-stop, everyday!

But for this little amuse bouche, I whipped the butter so that I could squeeze it out from a pastry bag. This was Smoked Italian Speck on Pumpernickel Toast with Whipped Goat’s Milk Butter and Micro Parsley.

Watermelon “Sushi”

This was featured on yesterday’s tasting menu as the amuse bouche. It is a piece of Sweet Watermelon, topped with Cured Dover Sole, Aged Apple Vinegar, and Lime Zest!


A few months later, I have perfected this little bite! Click here.

Click here for the recipe.