Service: March 29, 2019

Yesterday, I made pork belly steamed buns for family meal! I think it’s my last time planning/cooking family meal for awhile because I am now being rotated to the upstairs Private Events team.

I like to make more complex family meals on Friday/Saturday because that’s when the restaurant’s staff is at its highest and more people can enjoy my food.

I seared the pork bellies the night before and marinated them with the cooled down braising liquid. The day of, everything was brought to a simmer and placed in a 250°F convection oven for 3 hours, then pressed, in order to get nice, cuttable blocks.

I wasn’t able to get a good picture because by the time I realized that I forgot to take the picture, my plate was already half-eaten.


The pork bellies were served with steamed open buns, rice with Chinese pork sausage, pickled cucumber, sauce made from the braising liquid, and a Napa cabbage coleslaw with miso vinaigrette.

Service: March 9, 2019

So now that I have rotated onto roast station at Legacy Records, I am now in charge of planning and cooking the second and most important family meal everyday. Family meal is restaurant colloquialism for “staff meal.” We have three; one in the AM for the prep cooks, pastry cooks/chefs, sous chefs, and porters in the kitchen, the next at 3:45pm for everyone working (both front of house (FOH) and back of house (BOH), and a late-night PM one for the PM-porters and cleaning crew!

I never really counted but the number of people who I am cooking for is around 60-ish. In this restaurant, we go all out with our family meals. I try to push out thoughtful meals for each day but there are some days that are better than others. And I’m talking like for Saturday March 9! Even my photo was amazing! Thanks to the iPhone XS Max/I love portrait mode! Even better than the 7 Plus! (Ok, enough iPhone talk!)

I cured 100 duck legs for two days, slow roasted them, was too tired to pick through all 100 legs so I wrote a label for everyone to “DIY”. That was served with my friend’s grandmother’s hush hush red mole recipe. That mole got me a lot of compliments!

In case you were wondering, we also had rice and tortillas served with them, with various accoutrements, a guac/cucumber salad, and roasted nutty zucchini.

Mystery Pastry

There is a pastry at work which I obsessed with! It looks like a diamond, with croissant dough, cut at 90° angles and filled with rhubarb purée. It can be filled with anything but rhubarb is what we’re doing right now. Every time when there is an extra serving of it, I take it! Or two! No shame! My hands just reach out and grab it! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

I asked our pastry chef and he calls it a “diamond”. That was a little anticlimactic because I thought it would have an official French name or something.

Service: March 6 – 10, 2018

I’ve been at Legacy Records for just barely over three months now! We opened this past Tuesday to the public, after doing an extended Friends & Family for six weeks! I am extremely grateful that our opening week is finally over!!! We’ve been averaging 180-200 covers a night!!!! That number is much bigger than what I am used to. My background has been in smaller restaurants. But the busy pace is the same no matter where you are, and at the end of the night, I did it. Five long days. Five long services.

Time to start another week tomorrow.