Get to know Ron!

Ron has always loved cooking and was holding elaborate dinner parties before he went to The French Culinary Institute in 2011. During his free time, Ron likes to entertain with multi-course dinners, Friendsgiving meals, oyster parties, dumpling nights, and rooftop parties.

Before moving to NYC in 2011, Ron has lived in Beijing, Toronto, Hong Kong, Dallas/Plano, and Austin. Ron has traveled extensively so he has had exposure to many countries and their cuisines. Ron’s most recent trip was to Dubai and Morocco.

Ron’s personal cooking style can be described as contemporary New American with strong influences of using Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish ingredients. Ultimately, Ron values the ingredient for itself. Ron often goes to farmer’s markets to see what he can incorporate into his menus, both professionally and privately.

Ron was last working as a sous chef at Legacy Records, a contemporary Northern Italian restaurant in Hudson Yards, before the lockdown came into effect from the coronavirus. Legacy Records was the third restaurant from the same team of downtown restaurants, Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones.

Currently, Ron is a private chef and doing special events. If you would like to hold a dinner party or some other occasion and need a chef, please use the contact form and Ron would be delighted to work with you!