Recipe: Pandemic Punch

~ This is Day 215 ~

My friend sent me this drink recipe from Saveur magazine and it is literally my new favorite cocktail to drink at home! It’s tart, slightly sweet from the Grand Marnier, and boozy but doesn’t taste “boozy”. This is the Pandemic Punch! You’ve gotta be drinking this, we all need to drink this! If you don’t have Grand Marnier at home, Cointreau and Triple Sec are good substitutes too, according to the magazine. This is great because my Grand Marnier has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust because I used it one time to make a Christmas dessert, however many years ago because time doesn’t mean anything anymore!

To make this Pandemic Punch, just shake equal parts of the following:

  • Gin
  • Grand Marnier / Cointreau / Triple Sec
  • Lillet Blanc
  • Lemon juice

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