Chinese Chive Pockets

~ This is Day 21 ~

AKA Chinese hot pockets, if you will.

My first memory of these brings me back to a shivering, bone-dry, blistering cold, dreary winter day in Beijing. I was with my parents and we were visiting where my father went to college. We went to his school’s cafeteria, where, unlike American cafeterias, there were so many, countless, options for breakfast/lunch/dinner. These chive pockets were at the perfect temperature with the perfect bite-ratio of wrapper versus filling. This is often accompanied with congee and freshly made soy bean milk.

In my Chinese Chive Pockets, I put two different kind of Chinese chives (the flat kind and also the circular, flowering kind), shiitake mushroom, vermicelli, dried shrimp, and 5 spice powder.

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