Summer Spritz

I haven’t been that good lately keeping up with my website… Work has been busy and since I am cooking someone else’s food, the creative juices have come to a halt. On hold, actually.

I am, however, experimenting with new cocktails at home. This sudden burst in the making of craft cocktails begun for my birthday celebrations earlier this month. Before, I would only have the necessary ingredients to make three gin-based cocktails. Now there are five drinks to choose from, and one of them is not-gin based; it’s what I’m calling the Summer Spritz. It’s dangerously strong… but that’s what I say about all my drinks. I am a believer in a heavy pour and a good helping of whatever spirit is needed.

I am not a fan of Aperol nor Campari so grapefruit is the bitter element here. Giffard’s Crème de Pamplemousse is incredibly delightful! For this drink, only three bottles need to be opened! The grapefruit liqueur, dry rosé wine, and a sparkling wine to top everything off.

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