Stracciatella Crostini

I haven’t been posting as much as late because I’ve been very busy. Busy with work, busy with life, and my parents came to visit for three weeks… so life has been quite hectic lately and I am finally settling back down to my lonesome.

I would eat burrata everyday if I could afford it… $11.99 adds up… but as of two years ago, I have discovered stracciatella and I love stracciatella even more than I love burrata… as if that could ever happen! I hope I don’t sound crazy but as a cheese enthusiast, you don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t tried stracciatella yet. The stretchiness of the stracciatella is amazing.

Anyway, my favorite way to eat stracciatella is on toasted bread with late spring/juicy sweet summer cherry tomatoes, Serrano jamón, and a simple salsa verde, and big flakes of sea salt. Perfection. Love it.



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